Sunday, 21 September 2008

What Services Can A Private Detective Provide?

You may be thinking that you know what a private detective does because you've seen them portrayed on TV and in the movies. You may think that the life of a private detective is interesting and action packed based on things that you've read in a wide variety of mystery novels.

Unfortunately, in many cases the life of a private detective is far less glamorous than what you may think. However, that does not mean that there are not a wide variety of services that a private detective can provide.

A private detective can help with services relating to divorce and custody cases. For example, a person may choose to have their spouse followed by a private detective to establish that he or she is not in the place they have said they would be, not with the person they had said they would be meeting. Photographs can be taken; phone lines can in some areas be tapped; evidence can be collected.

The private detective will also be able to identify the assets of the other party - to help determine child support payments. This can be done with an asset search that establishes home ownership, property ownership as well as income and other intangible assets to determine the appropriate payment amount.

Similarly, a private detective can conduct asset searches for business persons who want to see that a prospective investor is who he or she says he is. Likewise, asset searches may be performed by businesses wishing to conduct an employee background check before hiring someone new onto the company staff.

By conducting background checks on prospective employees, a business can learn whether or not the applicant's job history is as reported, whether he or she has failed a drug test or has a criminal record all points that may affect a hiring decision. A private detective can also work with a company to investigate an employee who has already been with the company for a while perhaps when it is suspected that someone has been embezzling or otherwise creating problems for the company.

If a business suspects that there are problems, a private detective can be called in to investigate accidents or theft, absenteeism or employee misconduct. Likewise, company vehicles can be tracked to ensure that they are only being used for business activities; collection assistance can, in some cases be provided as well.

You'll find that data can be restored from computers. Hidden cameras can be used where necessary.

In other words, a private detective can provide a wide variety of services that individuals and businesses may need services that can identify problems and provide solutions. Though the life of a private detective may not be glamorous, a private investigator is able to work with you to get your needs met - by offering professional services, experience and using their knowledge and expertise to get the job done right.

When you need more information about a person and do not know how to get it, contact a private detective. When you want to be sure that your employees are not taking advantage of your company, consider turning to a private detective. He or she can work with you to make sure that are able to learn what you need to know.

By David Amleida

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